Why we have created the most trusted transparent buying platform of insurances for the consumers?

These questions were the starting point for our approach.

Who will suggest me independently the best and most affordable insurance?
Where do I buy them and how can I tender them during renewal?

And resulted to our way to think on purchasing insurances.

Buying an insurance should be…

  • Fun,
    • You should have fun and feel good when you are buying insurances
  • Effortless,
    • You will receive recommended insurances based on your replies
    • Easy for you to compare
  • Empowering,
    • You can search the best insurances as we are updating continuously
  • Fast,
    • You can search insurances on the fly as we are mobile only
  • Knowledge,
    • Your awareness of insurances will increase through our transparency and comprehensive database insurances s

Enjoy our first public version of the platform with already 50+ insurance products loaded for you.


And yes, we are only live in Germany.